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Good products are useful. They save you time, they save you money, or they ultimately make you feel better about yourself. All good products, whether we're talking about garbage cans, software, or health care provide very clear utility to their users.


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We like clean, simple interfaces. A user should be able to figure out what the product does just by playing around with it — we don't like gratuitous tutorials or user guides. That said, a user interface should match the product, and a product should be tailored to its audience. In other words: there's always room for creativity.


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We hate buzzwords. Nevertheless, they sometimes describe an idea or concept that's pretty darn important. Mobile and social are two of the most important buzzwords we know. They make it easier to connect anywhere, anytime, with anyone. And they're also increasing the amount of data we have about ourselves by many orders of magnitude. Most new technology products need to embrace either one or both of these concepts.


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It's important to speak the same language as your team. Whether that's the marketing team getting along with your designers, or the developers getting along with… well, everyone. We pride ourselves on being great communicators. Whether you're trying to figure out how you can connect with your target audience, or simply trying to understand the code changes in the latest product release, we're quick, concise, and clear about our communication.

Max Haines-Stiles


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Armed with an East Asian Studies degree from Stanford University, Max spent several short stints in Beijing before realizing the Bay Area was home. Since resettling in San Francisco, he's split his time between the food, finance, and technology industries. During his time in tech, Max has built everything from Facebook apps for global fashion brands to minimum viable products for early-stage startups. Max manages web and mobile development as well as UI/UX design for Ristretto.


Ristretto is the Italian word for a "short" shot of espresso. Although there are many types and variations, the term is always used to describe a bolder, fuller, truer pull.

The folks at Ristretto Labs drink their fair share of coffee. And it's a lot.

Based in San Francisco, the Ristretto team builds web and mobile products for clients ranging from early-stage tech start-ups to established media and e-commerce companies looking to scale their technology portfolio. As befits their love of short but efficient pulls, the Ristretto team works fast, designs bold, and delivers a product with less bitterness than your average caffeine-addled tech team.